Baháʼí Faith

Shrine of the Báb (Photo by Marco Abrar)

What Is the Baháʼí Faith

The Baháʼí Faith is the youngest of the world’s independent monotheistic religions. Founded in Iran in 1844, it now has more than five million adherents in 236 countries and territories. Baháʼís come from nearly every national, ethnic and religious background, making the Baháʼí Faith the second most widespread religion in the world.

Baháʼís view the world’s major religions as part of a single, progressive process through which God reveals His will to humanity. Baha’u’llah (1817-1892), the Founder of the Baháʼí Faith, is recognized as the most recent in a line of Divine Messengers that includes Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammad.

The central theme of Baha’u’llah’s message is that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for humanity’s unification into one global society. While reaffirming the core ethical principles common to all religions, Baha’u’llah also revealed new laws and teachings to lay the foundations of a global civilization. “A new life,” Baha’u’llah declared, “is, in this age, stirring within all the peoples of the earth.”

The worldwide Baháʼí community, composed of people from virtually every racial, ethnic and religious background, is working to give practical expression to Baha’u’llah’s vision of world unity. We invite you to learn more about the Baháʼí Faith and benefit from the spiritual and practical insights found in the Revelation of Baha’u’llah, God’s message for humanity in this day.

What do Baháʼís believe?

Baháʼís believe that there is one God, that all humanity is one family, and that there is a fundamental unity underlying religion. They recognize that the coming of Bahá’u’lláh has opened the age for the establishment of world peace, when, as anticipated in the sacred scriptures of the past, all humanity will achieve its spiritual and social maturity, and live as one united family in a just, global society. 

The Baha'i Faith is organized at the local level through local spiritual assemblies, which are elected annually and serve as the administrative body of the community. The Baha'i Faith also has national and international governing institutions, which serve to coordinate and support the work of the local communities. 

If you're interested in learning more about the Baha'i Faith, the Bellevue Baha'i Community offers a variety of resources, including books, articles, videos, and audio recordings. Our community is also a welcoming and supportive place for individuals to explore and deepen their understanding of the Faith. 

Baha’i House of Worship Wilmette

Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL

Principles of the Baháʼí Faith