Bellevue Baháʼí Community

Welcome to Bellevue Baháʼís Community's Website

We are Baháʼís of Bellevue, Washington — members of the Baháʼí Faith. We invite you to explore the teachings of our beautiful Faith and to join us in creating a better world, one heart, one family, one neighborhood at a time. From Olympia to Bellingham, west Seattle to Spokane, Baháʼís are changing lives and responding to the social and spiritual needs of our fellow Washington residents.

Bahá’ís have regular meetings for worship and social and educational activities for children, youth , and adults, open to all. Bahá’ís gather in study circles to explore in a participatory manner Bahá’u’lláh’s Teachings. There are also activities for service, observances of Bahá’í holy days and other events to which all are welcome. Informal gatherings, sometimes referred to as fireside meetings, provide an open setting for asking questions and learning more about the Faith for oneself. You are warmly invited to attend any of our events.

The Bellevue Baháʼí Community is a part of the larger Baháʼí community, which spans the globe and is dedicated to promoting the principles of unity, peace, and justice in the world. Our community is guided by a local spiritual assembly, which is elected annually and serves as the administrative body of the community. We offer a variety of activities and events, including devotional gatherings, study groups, social events, and service projects, to help individuals deepen their understanding of the Faith and make connections with others in the community. 

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